Outwitting Failure

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Most self-help books written on "how to be successful" discuss only the financial concept of success. This book gives you the "tools and rules" for being successful not only financially but also socially and spiritually. Learn the Ten Simple Steps to assist you in OUTWITTING FAILURE and how to succeed in all three areas for a more meaningful life. The author came from an environment of poverty with little education, eventually became the president of an insurance company and was involved in several successful business ventures. The simple and practical ideas discussed came from experience, not from hypothetical ideas often put forth by those who have never tasted poverty, or achieved any type business success. . $ 17.00 RETAIL

Jenny's Angel

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While America was suffering from a great depression there existed a sleepy, small Midwestern rural community called Calvary. Even with all of their struggles the residents of Calvary were loyal to one another. They were proud of their community, their famous pumpkin pratch and most of all, the Anderson Calvary Orphange which came into existence through unusal circumstances. From the time the first construction truck rolled down the lane, and for decades after, everyone was intrigued with the happeinings at the Orphanage. One day a basket was found at the front gate - a baby girl only a few weeks old snuggled inside! No note, no name, nothing! As the blankets were pulled aside, shock rippled thorugh the staff members as they saw the baby's deformed foot. Would they keep her - of course! She quickly was given the name Jenny. This is a heartwarming story of Jenny's life in the orphanage and her unusual friendship with a mysterious old man named Christopher. Jenny steals the hearts of all and miracles abound.$12.95 RETAIL

The Witwer Files

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A story based on events that happen between 1913 and 1916 in a small river town where crime and violence was an everyday occurrence. That changed when Charlie Witwer was hired as town marshal $16.95 RETAIL.

Saint's Road

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This book is the story of a man's journey along a road called Saint's Road. He finds himself at a junction of two roads and he has to make a choice of which road he will follow. His only desire is to find his way home. As he travels, he encounters various individuals, each of whom try to convince him that they have the answer to his dilemma. He has many choices to make and faces many temptations that could change his life forever. Does he make the right choices in his encounters? $11.95 RETAIL

The Sandals Of God

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A heart-wrenching and heart-warming story woven around historical biblical events. Simon, who carried the cross for Yeshua (Jesus), is filled with anger, frustration and bitterness as circumstances occur over which he has no control. His faith is shaken. He has many encounters with Yeshua, who some say is the promised Messiah. Every encounter fills Simon with frustration and turmoil, and yet he yearns to speak to this man called Yeshua. As Simon struggles to make sense of his life a beautiful lady becomes part of it. At first her prescence creates more resentment and feeligs of guilt, but Simon eventually begins to feel joy and contentment. He learns how love can erase the anger and frustration that was encompassing his life. Simon is then thrown into a dark despair - he is forced to carry the cross of Yeshua and compelled to watch the crucifixion. Who is this man called Yeshua? Is he the promised Messiah? How will Simon find the answers? 14.95 RETAIL