Jenny's Angel

$ 12.95 USD

Even with all of their struggles, the residents of the small Midwestern rural community called Calvary were loyal to one another. They were proud of their community, their famous pumpkin patch and most of all the Anderson Calvary Orphanage, which had come into existence through unuual and tragic circumstances. Shortly after the Orphanage opened, a basket was found at the front gate - baby girl only a few weeks old was snuggled inside. No note, no name - nothing! As the blankets were pulled away, a sense of shock rippled through the staff members as they saw the deformed foot. Would they keep her? Jenny's Angel is a heartwarming story of Jenny's life in the orphanage and her unusual friendship with a mysterious old man named Christopher. You will fall in love with Jenny as she steals the hearts of all and miracles abound!

Outwitting Failure

$ 15.00 USD

Most self-help books written on "how to be successful" discuss only the financial concept of success. This book gives you the tools and rules for being successful, not only financially, but also socially and spiritually. It disucsses the "ten steps" to assist you in your quest to outwit failure and shows how success in all three areas - financial, social and spiritual - will make your life more meaningful.

The Witwer Files

$ 15.00 USD

Unsolved murders, alleged sucide, townsfolk terrorized by uncontrolled gang violence. Those in law enforcement either disappeared or turned in their badges. What brought Charlie Witwer and his brothers to a small Midwestern village to make the streets safe? Did he get the job done, or was more vilence created? A murder, a trial, lives changed forever. Was jusice truly served? A story inspired by actual events,

Saint's Road

$ 11.95 USD

Life is never a straight and narrow path. It is full of choices! This is a story of a man who finds himself at the interesection of two roads. All he wants to do is find his way home. But which way is home? Choosing the wrong road could be disastrous. Will he choose the right road, or is there a right one? Travel on this journey along Saint's Road with its many twists and turns and see what he discovers.

The Sandals of God

$ 16.00 USD

A heart-wrenching and heart-warming story woven around historical biblical events. Simon of Cyrene is filled with anger, frustration and bitterness at the circumstances of his life in a new country. In his travels, he encounters a man called Jesus, also known as Yeshua. Every encounter fills Simon with frustration and turmoil, yet he yearns to speak to this man, who some say is the promised Messiah. A beautiful lady enters his life creating more choas. As Simon begins to feel joy and contentment, he is thrown into dark dispair as he is forced to carry the cross of Yeshua and witnesses the crucifixion of Yeshua. Is Yeshua the promised Messiah? Travel with Simon as he struggles to find the answer.